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Years of Experience 
Licensed, Bonded & Insured
We started our business in 2002, with the first Tigercat M760 grinder sold in the state of Virgina. We have completed many successful projects throughout Virginia.
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Go Green!
We support the "Go Green!" effort.

Woodland Renovation LandClearing

Woodland Renovation, Inc. provides an environmentally friendly way to remove trees and unwanted vegetation in a cost effective manner to clear land for many different uses. 

We exceed expectations.
  • We support the "Go Green!" effort by not disturbing the root systems of any remaining trees.
  • Our equipment provides a simple solution for land clearing. There is no need to do any burning or bulldozing afterwards!
  • The land can be maintained with a bush hog. This process aids developers in proceeding with a project.
Maintenance of property is minimal after we have cleared the area.
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